24" Double Amaryllis Flowers   * Deer figurine not included

    Orchid Garden


    Calmness with peace and serenity. The Orchid Garden is a simple planter with a small footprint. This arrangement features a nice combination of white and green that's pronounced enough to make a statement...

    Large Double Orchids


    Promote a peaceful environment. Enjoy serenity and peacefulness with the Double Large Orchid. This subtle plant is simple enough to fit in small places while at the same time making a...

    Peace Lily


    A slight touch of tropical. The Peace Lily is a tropical plant that, when cared for, grows white flowers for a pleasant combination of white and green. It comes with a small...

    Orchid Garden II


    Be playful with a simple gesture of orchids. Instill a sense of uplifting confidence and brighten up that room or office with a batch of warm fuchsia orchids. This arrangement brings color...

    Double Orchids


    Add a vivid pop of color. The Double Lavender Orchids variety is a mild but charming addition to any room or office. It's accompanied by a black planter for a modern...

    Fantasy Orchids


    The perfect everyday flower. Offered here is a simple yet quaint variety of fantasy orchids. This small batch comes with a petite tabletop footprint to ensure it makes a statement without...



    Classic, simple, quaint. This plant provides a great way to stay close to nature without leaving the house or office. Its presentation is classic yet subtle and having it near is...



    Attract good fortune with a money tree. The Pachira plant a.k.a., "money tree" is said to attract wealth and good fortune. This little trunk of foliage, according to Chinese feng shui tradition, is...



    Own a jungle at a fraction of the price. Okay, okay, so it's not possible to own a jungle but with Mari, you can at least have a small piece of...



    Hardy and beautiful. The Hydrangea brightens up any corner of your home or office. This plant looks like it's covered in blooms featuring petals, but they are actually 'sepals' or smaller leaves...



    Liven up with vibrant colors. This wild plant features leaves with a remarkable combination of reds, oranges, and yellows. This little dose of nature is the perfect addition to any space...

    Snake Plant


    Popular choice for first time plant owners. This simple yet delightful plant is a customer favorite for those just getting their feet wet with plant care. It's small enough to keep...

    Kalanchoe Garden


    Walk the fields without walking the fields. This petite field of orange will bring your space closer to nature. This is an excellent addition to any room or office and is...



    Enjoy orange in more months than just October. Burst onto the scene with this rich array of orange and green. This selection is an excellent addition with a small tabletop footprint...

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