Orchid Garden


    The Orchid Garden is a planter full of peace and serenity. It would make a bold statement and a nice addition to any space in need of calm.      ...

    Large Double Orchids


    The Double Large Orchid is a peaceful and serene addition to any space. It is a subtle, yet bold statement.        Specifics: A large pair of orchid plants each...

    Peace Lily


    The Peace Lily is a tropical plant with much potential. When nurtured, the Peace Lily grows white flowers. This plant is perfect for any plant lover.     Specifics: The plant...

    Orchid Garden II


    Specifics: Three large pairs of orchid plants each with 8 - 10 flowers. A luxury ceramic planter is included in the arrangement.   Size: 23'' tall - 26'' tall   ...

    Double Orchids


    The Double Lavender Orchids adds a vivid pop of color to any space. The ceramic black planter adds a luxurious modern touch to the Orchid's already peaceful feel.    ...

    Magenta Orchid


    The Magenta Orchid adds a vibrant pop of color to any space. It is easily an attention grabber.                        ...

    Fantasy Orchids


    Send our fantasy themed orchids as a gift or keep them for yourself. Our fantasy orchids are planted in a high-end white ceramic planter finished off with moss on top....



    The Youth plant is a classic-looking plant that can be paired with any space. The plant's leaves create a grand, yet subtle statement.              ...



    The Pachira plant is also known as a "money tree" and is said to attract wealth and good fortune. It is perfect to add interest to any space.    ...



    Mari is a jungle in a planter. The various tropical greens add life and spirit to any space. Specifics: Assorted Tropical Greens in a Ceramic Planter Size: Height: 11'' -...



    The Chameleon plant is a wild plant with leaves of vibrant, reds, oranges, and yellows. It is the perfect plant for a space that needs more vibrancy and liveliness.   ...

    Snake Plant


    The snake plant is a popular choice for any beginner plant lover. The unique pattern on its leaves makes an interesting addition to any space.          ...

    Kalanchoe Garden


    The Kalanchoe plant is bursting with vibrant color hues. If you are looking to brighten up a space with life and vibrancy, the Kalanchoe Garden is the perfect option.   ...



    The Kalanchoe plant is bursting with vibrant pink hues. If you are looking to brighten up a space with life and vibrancy, the Kalanchoe is the perfect option.    ...

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